25 November 2008

birthday magic

i turned 30 last week. this monumental birthday has been the most anticipated and most longed-for birthday of my adult life. i feel as though i now have official permission to start growing younger. below is a little chronicle of my oregon coast birthday adventure...

11 November 2008

natya leela

as i am having the tiniest bit of trouble uploading this video, below is a link to a performance we had recently for the fall cultural series at the salem public library.

the piece is called thodaya mangalam


11 September 2008


... home... the womb-like environment where the same existential questions invariably produce different answers to the ones posed in a different environment. for all of the bittersweet idiosyncrasies, life is more full and more whole because of family. little do i realize until i've been away for a year, two years (a small lifetime), how vital the lifeblood of family is. and even more surprising is, after each little lifetime away, the love remains the same.
behind their chocolate eyes, nestled somewhere beneath their indian cheekbones and olive skin, rests the heart of a family whose blood is gold, and whose bones are made of the steel and iron of mothers, and protectors.

15 August 2008

more good things...


creative friends who let me hang out with them while they work

beautiful bounty



06 July 2008

some of the good things that have been happening lately

sunshine music


10 June 2008

back in the saddle

after an extended hiatus, i have again begun to move my body on the dance floor.  as in years past when i have taken a break from mirrors and raised floors and stages and costumes, i have reflected upon what it means to be a dancer.  just as the question often arises in my mind as i walk through my days, 'what does it mean to be an artist?', i find myself thinking of the process rather than the product of my passions.  
i have stumbled, quite fortuitously onto bharanathayam, one of the seven forms of classical indian dance, and into a community of dancers of varying backgrounds who approach the dance with the true love of those who feel the rhythm of dance coursing through their veins.  as we took the stage last saturday, i gave pause to wonder how i could have stayed away so long... and then i looked at these ladies smiling and embodying this classical southern indian dance form, and the answer became clear: dancing is in the blood (as artistry is), and does not need tangible evidence to be real.

... the first photo is of our entire troupe, with our teacher suba standing in traditional costume in front.  the second is a more playful (and maybe more accurate) representation of us posing in our favorite animal poses.

28 May 2008

oh me, oh my!

these last few weeks have been a flurry of activity, small joys, challenges, and a beautiful settling of myself into the first place i have called home in well over five years...
here is a short list of some of the events of the last little while:

09 May 2008

my horoscope for the week

Verticle Oracle cardScorpio (October 23-November 21)
You're not any more narcissistic and egotistical than the rest of us, but this week happens to be your special time to make amends for being that way. Therefore, I recommend that you try the following corrective measures: 1. Every day, do three things motivated by compassion that are helpful to people you know. 2. For a few minutes each day, use your imagination to get inside the mind of someone you care about and see the world through his or her eyes. 3. Every day, take at least one action that will in some way beautify your environment, contribute to the well-being of strangers, or help save the world.

... the past few months here have been a re-awakening for me of my connection with the universe as a whole.  in this opening, i have begun to feel (along with many many others) a great shift happening.  whether one believes in the validity of astrology or not, there is an undeniable physiological shift that occurs when planets move and shift (think of what happens during tidal shifts at full moon time... whoa!), and if we begin to listen to the voice (rotations, axis', sun exposure, relative place in the universe, etc.) of the universe, we can better understand what an incredible opportunity we all have to help heal our own sick planet.  this horoscope is for me a reminder of the path i would like to walk upon on my journey toward health and ultimate fulfillment.

step 1: participate in a positive community... the boys at together gallery have embraced me and asked me to become a part their community.  i am now their newest official volunteer!
step 2: make a positive difference in the life of a child... i've been lucky enough to be accepting into the volunteer summer reading program at my local library.  this summer i get to hang out with tiny people and share my love of reading.
step 3: infect others with positivity... i have made it my mission in each of the cities i have lived in to smile at strangers.  this is the first city where people regularly smile back.

step 4: accept help from others...

29 April 2008

and we're off!

i received my very first idea via postcard from denmark!  
[thank you carmen for your wonderfully inspiring idea.]
i can't wait to get started on this new project
... and i double can't wait to receive more!

tomorrow promises to be a day of sunshine, and:

cinco de mayo festivities
afternoon barbeque with ribs by chef sandro
friends (big and little)
movies projected onto barns

i'm coming to really enjoy what happens when the sun comes out in portland.

26 April 2008

love illuminated

... this is a photo of my mama and i a few summers ago.  her beauty and radiance is a constant inspiration to me. 

22 April 2008

sun setting on a cherry tree

... this is the backyard at my new work, alu.  it's gonna be a beautiful summer.

21 April 2008

open call for ideas...

i've always been fascinated by ideas and imagination and how the pictures people have in their minds about other people's ideas vary so greatly.

i have just begun a project and i'd like to know if you would like to work with me.

i will be collecting your

ideas      visions       themes      ... or anything you want to see a picture of

if you would like to share any of those things with me,
 i will then take a photograph of my interpretation of your idea...

and i will send you the photograph in an envelope made just for your image.

please send your idea to my mailbox.

jamie evans
4213 se 26th ave.
portland, or. 97202

ps... i will be documenting the process to eventually make into a book of ideas.  if you don't want me to use your name, let me know and i'll make one up for you.

pps... anything goes.  

... this is somebody else's idea on my face.  

17 April 2008

a good time for art

the past month has been a mind-altering and inspiring time for art. i have had the opportunity to see some phenomenal works and collections of art. today began with a field trip to the portland art museum with my art education class. i must admit to being a bit skeptical, but instead had my mind blown by recent acquisitions of beautiful works by van gogh, matisse, monet, toulouse lautrec, raushenburg, kiki smith, ... i found myself on my knees a few times after laying eyes upon some particularly marvelous works by louise bourgeois (a firecracker of a woman born the same year as my tiny nana who reminds me more than a little of her) and marcel duchamp.  for a museum in a not-so-big city, i was amazed by the breadth and magnitude of their collections (a great many pieces have been gifted to the museum) in their contemporary wing alone.
this week especially has gotten me to thinking about the division between thinking about and feeling art. the spark for these thoughts came after seeing portland-based artist marie watt speak about her recent work. her work focuses on indigenous cultures, ideas about home, and community-building (through well-fed sewing circles). she was refreshingly open and presented important social commentary with honesty and depth of emotion.
my exposure to the art world during the past few years has been in thinking about art, dissecting art, and sterilizing the most beautifully messy aspects of the artistic endeavor.
i had almost allowed myself to disconnect from the importance of art as therapy. not only in creating art, but in looking at art do we have occasion to celebrate and feel.

...neither photograph adequately represents the grandeur of the each piece. the first by marie watt, entitled braids, is over 10 feet tall and 22 feet long. the second by kiki smith, entitled saint genevieve is about 8 feet tall and 12 feet long and is equipped with a motion sensor that plays the sounds of wolves crying. they are both incredibly evocative.

13 April 2008

excerpt from 'letter to a friend'

recipe for a beautiful day:

[from the backyard]
clove-scented blankets

[from the farmers' market]
sweet baguette
venison pate' (country-style)
crumbly sheep cheese
the knowledge of shared delights

[from the pantry]
mint mate' (cold)
coarse sea salt
olive oil

mix in desired quantities and enjoy!

... yesterday was an inspired day, a tickler of a day. it was sunshine and warmth and silliness and a sweet introduction to a sultry summer.

10 April 2008

the first law of thermodynamics

'the first law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. it may change form, go from one place to another, or be degraded into less usable forms.'
-moran, human adaptability

YEAH! so, energy becomes a shape-shifter. it degrades, and regenerates constantly, taking on different forms and adapting to the environment as it sees fit to maintain homeostasis.
each and every little thing we do has an effect on the environment (living and non-living). our interactions, foodsteps, consumption, etc. affects the people, terrain, and resources in this messy, confusing, exhilarating system we call life.

it kinda blows my mind a little.

... speaking of energetic resonance: i have a new friend. he's two.

04 April 2008

first thursday

i got my first real taste of the art scene here in portland last night. i mingled with a refreshingly diverse segment of the population during 'first thursday' in old town. the balmy evening enticed a plethora of individuals out into the open air; asian couples in mercedes', hipsters on fixies, hippies, street kids, white and blue collar alike. the art, like the people, was a top-notch representation of said diversity. there was a really special show at the pony club featuring the art of two new friends, david wien and seth neefus, along with a variety of other wonderfully talented artists (including a surprise appearance by animal sleep stories, the works of daria tessler). the most simultaneously intriguing, and anxiety-inducing opening was at the core gallery. the gallery itself is 3 1/2 feet tall and required entrance through a crawl space on hands and knees (which for the claustrophobes of the world, like me, is very scary). the collaborative efforts of artists alisha wessler and cin shepard, as well as the audio soundscapes of stirling myles produced '2 years under olaf's sun', and eerily beautiful exhibit in an uncanny space.
... as an added bonus, i got a mini beer tour hosted by an awesome new friend. it was nice.

02 April 2008

i'm falling in love...


people say 'thank you' when they get off the bus.
geared bicycles far outnumber fixed-gear bikes.
it sometimes snows in april.
there are lots of co-ops.
i once went to a supermarket for my favorite ice cream. it was a ghost town.
jury's out on the hipsters. they might be nice.
lots of musicians don't ask people to pay for their shows.
the water company has replaced water with beer in its municipal supply.
people smile.
communities participate.
the only year-round farmers' market is 8 blocks away.
the most common bumper sticker is a green heart inside the state of oregon.
it is sold at supermarkets and co-ops alike.
the largest used bookstore in the country lives here. it's big.
it's easy to fall in love with yourself when you're looking.

01 April 2008

a break from inessential insanities

i am revisiting 'another roadside attraction' again (for the third admittedly hedonistic time) and can't keep my mind from a particularly poignant (albeit silly) passage. this passage is like a song on repeat in my internal walkman... headphones on loud, giving my boots a run for their money around this new city.

'there are essential and inessential insanities. the latter are solar in character, the former are linked to the moon.
inessential insanities are a brittle amalgamation of ambition, aggression, and pre-adolescent anxiety. garbage that should have been dumped long ago. essential insanities are those impulses one instinctively senses are virtuous and correct, even though peers may regard them as coo coo.
inessential insanities get one in trouble with oneself. essential insanities get one into trouble with others. it is always preferable to be in trouble with others.
in fact, it may be essential.'

--the brilliant modern-day sage of facetious, tom robbins

30 March 2008

something new from something found

this is a little meditation on life that i wrote a few weeks ago.
i'd like to share it with you.

'...to be more comfortable inside my skin:
it pushed and pulled and broke me so many times.
it demanded of me a strength i didn't know i possessed.
san francisco was five years of falling down and forcing myself back up
to face the melee.
it exhausted me and took fro me the lightness of being
i had known in san luis obispo.
it forced me into submission and forced me to make a reckoning with myself.
to live by the rules of none but myself (a realization i admittedly did not come to easily)
is to live by my dreams.
i ached and screamed and bled by san francisco to be able to be here--
in portland for my self and by my self.'

28 March 2008

a different kind of spring

i went to sleep last night wanting to share a poem about the beauty of spring in this post today, but instead...
i awoke earlier than normal thinking that i had wrestled myself from the throes of a bad dream and rose to test out the day. as i wandered around my house sleepy-eyed and slightly grumpy, i tried to recall the source of my nocturnal torment, but found an easy and incredibly pleasant distraction
yes, it is snowing and it is beautiful.
whenever i have the opportunity to experience snow, i do so with alacrity. when i visit my parents in indiana in the winter, my mom and i establish a routine about snow. my mom watches faithfully for me and upon sighting the first flurries never fails to announce, "look binky, it's snowing!" in that way my childlike enthusiasm can be fostered well into adulthood and i can greet new days with infectious glee.
my housemate rose this morning initially dismayed by another cold day, but quickly found a new perspective after witnessing my excitement.
with a big grin, she announced that the universe sent the snow just for me.

26 March 2008

more rain = beautiful abundance

speaking of abundance... portland never seems to be without a plethora of interesting events, one of which i was delighted to be a part of last night. i had the opportunity to see a wonderful shadow puppet show at valentine's, called ice cream truck face. if they're in your neighborhood, flag them down and check out their hijinks.

24 March 2008

and later...

i had the opportunity last night to be a part of small and sweet closing party at the together gallery. i got to meet the artists/owners as well as a few friends, one of whom is installing for the next show today. they were wonderfully kind, open, inspired, talented(!) and unguarded group of people i have experienced in a gallery setting in a long time.
a great weight feels like it is lifting as i settle into my life here in portland and close the chapter of san francisco. i feel the opportunity for growth within a positive community is truly possible here.

... and it smells nice, too.

if you want to check out the last show at together (mark's teepee!) or want to see what's coming up, it's worth the extra few minutes.

sunny days are here

saturday was the blissful (despite my love of rain) freedom from precipitation. the cold and crisp early spring morning promised birdsong and families out en masse shopping for seed. at the co-op, eager children grabbed at seed packets, drawn by the beautiful colors and plump vegetables while moms followed them patiently and explained which seeds would sprout best and which they had to wait for. the springs excitement was palpable. people gathered to converse and share stories of winter hardships and spring growth. saturday was a day for garage sales, lawn mowers, bicycles and the re-emergence of winter projects half-forgotten. for me it was an opportunity to free my lenses from their caps and share some inspiration.
...happy equinox... belated...

the first photo was from the train yard near my house. i've been eyeing those cars, and after my housemate told stories about freight hopping friends, well...
the second is early spring in my backyard.

life is nice.

13 March 2008

day one

this is a photo taken at portland state.  each white flag represents approximately five iraqi lives lost.  the red flags indicate every american life lost.  it seems so easy for an installation like this to become cliche, but i found it to be moving in its simplicity. the juxtaposition of the flags against the stark winter landscape evokes a feeling of profound melancholy and compassion for those living amidst the stark reality of war. although there is so much i fail to comprehend about war, statements like this never cease to pull me from my consumer-driven haze and into a state of pensive (and in this case inspired) reflection.

11 March 2008

new(s) days

i just moved to portland after much time and talk about it. in an endeavor to connect those i love most with my very first days here, i have decided to make this little blog with a photo a day for the first month i'm here.
i hope you enjoy the photos and can walk next to me for a little minute while i explore this beautiful new place.

i love you all so much.