24 March 2008

sunny days are here

saturday was the blissful (despite my love of rain) freedom from precipitation. the cold and crisp early spring morning promised birdsong and families out en masse shopping for seed. at the co-op, eager children grabbed at seed packets, drawn by the beautiful colors and plump vegetables while moms followed them patiently and explained which seeds would sprout best and which they had to wait for. the springs excitement was palpable. people gathered to converse and share stories of winter hardships and spring growth. saturday was a day for garage sales, lawn mowers, bicycles and the re-emergence of winter projects half-forgotten. for me it was an opportunity to free my lenses from their caps and share some inspiration.
...happy equinox... belated...

the first photo was from the train yard near my house. i've been eyeing those cars, and after my housemate told stories about freight hopping friends, well...
the second is early spring in my backyard.

life is nice.

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