25 July 2011

the power of vulnerability

for anybody who has ever struggled to break open, to love, to be loved.
for anybody who has ever struggled to belong.

14 July 2011

on the subject of maidenhair ferns

close the computer.  get up and move.  dance to your core.  explore those inexplicable longings.  fall in love with your brain.  write.  draw.  explore.  think and feel in unison.  channel the unchanneled parts of you.  learn new words.  sing warbling songs as loud as possible.  take an adventure; sure-footed and epic.  breathe.  laugh.  smile.  cry.  dance.  pant.  reconcile with the child inside.  inspire and be inspired.

13 July 2011

my relationship with poetry lately

lately poetry has been my guiding light.  i don't know why and i don't know how, but it has been the greatest force driving me back into the light.  this poem describes beautifully my relationship with poetry lately.

how poetry comes to me

it comes blundering over the
boulders at night, it stays
frightened outside the 
range of my campfire
i go to meet it at the
edge of the light

--gary snyder

06 July 2011

why i like to cry


out of infinite desires rise
finite deeds like weak fountains
that fall back in early trembling arcs.
but those, which otherwise in us
keep hidden, our happy strengths--
they come forth in these dancing tears.

--rainer maria rilke
(from the book of images)