28 May 2008

oh me, oh my!

these last few weeks have been a flurry of activity, small joys, challenges, and a beautiful settling of myself into the first place i have called home in well over five years...
here is a short list of some of the events of the last little while:

09 May 2008

my horoscope for the week

Verticle Oracle cardScorpio (October 23-November 21)
You're not any more narcissistic and egotistical than the rest of us, but this week happens to be your special time to make amends for being that way. Therefore, I recommend that you try the following corrective measures: 1. Every day, do three things motivated by compassion that are helpful to people you know. 2. For a few minutes each day, use your imagination to get inside the mind of someone you care about and see the world through his or her eyes. 3. Every day, take at least one action that will in some way beautify your environment, contribute to the well-being of strangers, or help save the world.

... the past few months here have been a re-awakening for me of my connection with the universe as a whole.  in this opening, i have begun to feel (along with many many others) a great shift happening.  whether one believes in the validity of astrology or not, there is an undeniable physiological shift that occurs when planets move and shift (think of what happens during tidal shifts at full moon time... whoa!), and if we begin to listen to the voice (rotations, axis', sun exposure, relative place in the universe, etc.) of the universe, we can better understand what an incredible opportunity we all have to help heal our own sick planet.  this horoscope is for me a reminder of the path i would like to walk upon on my journey toward health and ultimate fulfillment.

step 1: participate in a positive community... the boys at together gallery have embraced me and asked me to become a part their community.  i am now their newest official volunteer!
step 2: make a positive difference in the life of a child... i've been lucky enough to be accepting into the volunteer summer reading program at my local library.  this summer i get to hang out with tiny people and share my love of reading.
step 3: infect others with positivity... i have made it my mission in each of the cities i have lived in to smile at strangers.  this is the first city where people regularly smile back.

step 4: accept help from others...