26 June 2009

off the map

zane just introduced me to a film he loves called 'off the map'. it is a touching walk through the ups and downs of love and life, and a quiet tribute to dedication. the works of artist stan berning are featured in the film, including this stunning 40'w X 20"h watercolor painting. i've been thinking about it for days.

to see the entire piece, visit the section of his website dedicated to the 'off the map' project. i promise you won't be disappointed...

08 June 2009

it bubbles

so i've never been much of a diligent student... social and creative activities have always taken precedence. one fine example is the immediate space around me.

book reading
tea drinking
blog posting
music listening
picture taking
... and textbooks closed.

oh, the choices we make to fill our lives with our own brands of personal bliss.