28 March 2008

a different kind of spring

i went to sleep last night wanting to share a poem about the beauty of spring in this post today, but instead...
i awoke earlier than normal thinking that i had wrestled myself from the throes of a bad dream and rose to test out the day. as i wandered around my house sleepy-eyed and slightly grumpy, i tried to recall the source of my nocturnal torment, but found an easy and incredibly pleasant distraction
yes, it is snowing and it is beautiful.
whenever i have the opportunity to experience snow, i do so with alacrity. when i visit my parents in indiana in the winter, my mom and i establish a routine about snow. my mom watches faithfully for me and upon sighting the first flurries never fails to announce, "look binky, it's snowing!" in that way my childlike enthusiasm can be fostered well into adulthood and i can greet new days with infectious glee.
my housemate rose this morning initially dismayed by another cold day, but quickly found a new perspective after witnessing my excitement.
with a big grin, she announced that the universe sent the snow just for me.

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