30 March 2008

something new from something found

this is a little meditation on life that i wrote a few weeks ago.
i'd like to share it with you.

'...to be more comfortable inside my skin:
it pushed and pulled and broke me so many times.
it demanded of me a strength i didn't know i possessed.
san francisco was five years of falling down and forcing myself back up
to face the melee.
it exhausted me and took fro me the lightness of being
i had known in san luis obispo.
it forced me into submission and forced me to make a reckoning with myself.
to live by the rules of none but myself (a realization i admittedly did not come to easily)
is to live by my dreams.
i ached and screamed and bled by san francisco to be able to be here--
in portland for my self and by my self.'

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left you a comment on the first day.

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