01 April 2008

a break from inessential insanities

i am revisiting 'another roadside attraction' again (for the third admittedly hedonistic time) and can't keep my mind from a particularly poignant (albeit silly) passage. this passage is like a song on repeat in my internal walkman... headphones on loud, giving my boots a run for their money around this new city.

'there are essential and inessential insanities. the latter are solar in character, the former are linked to the moon.
inessential insanities are a brittle amalgamation of ambition, aggression, and pre-adolescent anxiety. garbage that should have been dumped long ago. essential insanities are those impulses one instinctively senses are virtuous and correct, even though peers may regard them as coo coo.
inessential insanities get one in trouble with oneself. essential insanities get one into trouble with others. it is always preferable to be in trouble with others.
in fact, it may be essential.'

--the brilliant modern-day sage of facetious, tom robbins


valhobbs said...

essential insanities. . . I love it.

Hi James,

You're hard to keep up with, girl! You've got to read Eckhardt Tolle's new book or (like lazy me) buy the CD at Costco. Essential truth, all of it.

Miss you. Love you to pieces.

Auntie Bell

Growth breeds Leadership said...

I have never had the blessing of reading any of your favorites. If you come across used copies at the largest used book store, maybe you could package them up in a care package and send them south...
p.s. I don't have an address for you.
Could I get that?