02 April 2008

i'm falling in love...


people say 'thank you' when they get off the bus.
geared bicycles far outnumber fixed-gear bikes.
it sometimes snows in april.
there are lots of co-ops.
i once went to a supermarket for my favorite ice cream. it was a ghost town.
jury's out on the hipsters. they might be nice.
lots of musicians don't ask people to pay for their shows.
the water company has replaced water with beer in its municipal supply.
people smile.
communities participate.
the only year-round farmers' market is 8 blocks away.
the most common bumper sticker is a green heart inside the state of oregon.
it is sold at supermarkets and co-ops alike.
the largest used bookstore in the country lives here. it's big.
it's easy to fall in love with yourself when you're looking.

1 comment:

Growth breeds Leadership said...

wow, this passage makes me miss a place I never knew. Pray for a coupe, it would bring me home. hehe