04 April 2008

first thursday

i got my first real taste of the art scene here in portland last night. i mingled with a refreshingly diverse segment of the population during 'first thursday' in old town. the balmy evening enticed a plethora of individuals out into the open air; asian couples in mercedes', hipsters on fixies, hippies, street kids, white and blue collar alike. the art, like the people, was a top-notch representation of said diversity. there was a really special show at the pony club featuring the art of two new friends, david wien and seth neefus, along with a variety of other wonderfully talented artists (including a surprise appearance by animal sleep stories, the works of daria tessler). the most simultaneously intriguing, and anxiety-inducing opening was at the core gallery. the gallery itself is 3 1/2 feet tall and required entrance through a crawl space on hands and knees (which for the claustrophobes of the world, like me, is very scary). the collaborative efforts of artists alisha wessler and cin shepard, as well as the audio soundscapes of stirling myles produced '2 years under olaf's sun', and eerily beautiful exhibit in an uncanny space.
... as an added bonus, i got a mini beer tour hosted by an awesome new friend. it was nice.


Growth breeds Leadership said...

sounds like you are having so many fun adventures! I am glad for you!

Growth breeds Leadership said...

I just realized that all my posts are going up under my work blog..haha It is me cookoo!!! I don't know how to make it so that my post come up under my other blog...growth breads leadership is something I made for my advanced English students, a way of me communicating to them about cool things I find....and allows me to quiz them about things to see if they are doing their homework. hahaha
love you lady