21 April 2008

open call for ideas...

i've always been fascinated by ideas and imagination and how the pictures people have in their minds about other people's ideas vary so greatly.

i have just begun a project and i'd like to know if you would like to work with me.

i will be collecting your

ideas      visions       themes      ... or anything you want to see a picture of

if you would like to share any of those things with me,
 i will then take a photograph of my interpretation of your idea...

and i will send you the photograph in an envelope made just for your image.

please send your idea to my mailbox.

jamie evans
4213 se 26th ave.
portland, or. 97202

ps... i will be documenting the process to eventually make into a book of ideas.  if you don't want me to use your name, let me know and i'll make one up for you.

pps... anything goes.  

... this is somebody else's idea on my face.  

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