29 August 2011

an ode to water

this summer has been all about water.  almost every adventure has been inclusive of replenishing and healing water.  coming alive again after such a difficult transition in my life has been due, in large part, to water.  with so much water in my astrological chart, it is no wonder that my safe and healing place is in its calming depths.  my darling friends have emerged from the woodwork, unwittingly, to swoop me up and sing me songs of water.  canoes, swim suits, inner tubes, gleaming hair, and beach blankets have been the symbols of summer that have whispered to me and brought me back to life.  
thank you, friends.
thank you, water.


Nanette said...

Love it, J. Absolutely love it.

P.S. We're moving to Portland at the end of September. I hope I get to smush your pretty face soon!

adayinportland said...