14 August 2011

oak trees and dry grass

last week i visited a friend's property in northern california.
i needed desperately to slow down and ruminate, and to spend quiet days in nature.
and i did.
with a faithful canine companion named johnny cassius clay.
he licked my tears, and sat under the oak trees i climbed.
he woke me every morning with his face resting in the crook of my neck and followed me faithfully on every walk.
he cocked his ears every time i took a photo, and never failed to bring me something to throw over and over again.
his needs were simple, and he never asked anything of me except to be by my side (and some scratches).
in short, he was just the companion i needed.
below is a picture chronicle of those few lovely days.

train through umpqua
the city

anderson valley
the homesteader
stick art
a cook's kitchen

cash, the rig, and ss james

navarro river

1 comment:

Darius Adlam said...

There's nothing like an escape from the busy city. Your photos remind me of the good old days I spent in the countryside, especially the fourth one. They are so relaxing, and I can just imagine the breezy ambiance in that place.